After viewing the videos below please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. 
  • What could be an argument to defend the position of the Republicans?
  • What could be an argument to defend the position of the Democrats?
  • Which side or argument to do you agree with most? 
  • Are you or anyone you know effected by the shutdown? 
  • Feel free to add any additional thoughts, opinions, questions or comments you have on this topic.
10/7/2013 06:02:21 am

1. The position of the Republicans is to limit the goverment's interaction with things from government, instead of the people. That way, things are run directly by the people, not by the government. Besides that fact, the government does not have the money to run anything anyway.
2. The position of the Democrats is to get the government to have as much input economically and have programs to help people, regardless if that infringes on budget deficit.
3. I agree with neither, that both are too extreme. I think that a moderate solution is the answer, because a stalemate in congress will hurt everyone until a decision is found.
4. I am not personally affected by the shutdown, nor anyone I know.
I think that the government needs a better job income policy because when so many people depend on their government-sponsored jobs, and the government shuts down, the people have to suffer while the politicians in Washington D.C. are in a stalemate.

10/10/2013 05:47:29 am

I like your comment about both sides being extreme. What would you recommend?

Xaina M~5th
10/7/2013 08:18:35 am

Do I believe with Democrat or Republican?
-I do not believe in either political party with all my brains. While both have good sides and points in their arguments, there is always an alternate point that grabs my attention.
What could an argument be to defend either Republican/Democrat?
-There is no arguing this matter. The people who have these jobs were elected so that they could take care of our people and make the right decisions for out country. Instead, their go power crazy trying to make one another (Alternate political parties) better then the other. It's inexcusable! They should come to an agreement and stop this ridiculous fighting. Although, If one side had to have a better position, I have to say it's the republicans. They seem to be trying to reduce the spending and stop letting go of more money then we have.
What's the affect the shutdown had on me?
-While no, personally I am not suffering through rough times and money troubles from this Shutdown. This does affect me! This affects all of us. These are the people we put into office, creating turmoil at home. If this goes on this could potentially hurt many people, many families, that these Officials were originally supposed to protect, and help. I don't want to just brush of the fact that our government has become mildly dysfunctional and power crazed.

This drives me crazy. To be honest I do not really understand how our government has come to this point, the point of only looking for what's best for their party. When the time comes and I am of age (Although I know it wont make much of a difference) I wont just vote someone into office who will waste more time and resources. Hopefully the dysfunctional can still be turned around:/

10/10/2013 06:23:43 am

Yes, it drives me crazy too, however, this is nothing new. We have had 17 shutdowns in the past and political parties have always played "politics". Many times the country was even more fiercely divided than today. The big difference in this new era is we have lobbyists that the politicians cater to and a massive media (cable, social media, etc) that reports every little thing...more on lobbyists and media to come in class. :0)

Tommy S - 1
10/7/2013 09:37:12 am

From my understanding of the shutdown, it's happening basically because of an argument between the Senate(democrats) and the House of Representatives(republicans). Now shutdowns have happened a number of times before so they aren't uncommon but this one is a little bit different. Usually shutdowns are the result of budget and deficit issues but this one, from what it sounds like, is a negotiation tactic used by the House to stop obamacare. The House, which is comprised of "very red" republicans, is trying to stop it, and they are unwilling to compromise for fear of losing their jobs. So in the continuing resolution, which keeps the old budget in effect while a new is being figured out and prevents the government from the shutting down, the republicans put a clause saying that they had to delay obamacare. The democrats in the Senate didn't agree to this, so the continuing resolution wasn't passed and the government shutdown.
All of this arguing between them has created a pretty big stalemate. This stalemate makes the government so dysfunctional that the only way to get anything done is for it to shutdown. I don't know if I agree with either side but do agree that the government shouldn't have shutdown and that something needs to be done quickly.
Personally I don't believe that I have been effected by the shutdown, at least there aren't any obvious signs of it. It is only a partial shutdown so not everybody is out of work and some things are still functioning, that's not to say people aren't still suffering from it, plenty of people are. It's the governments job to protect an help it's people and it can't do that if it is shutdown.
The other day while on the internet I found an excellent video explaining the shutdown. It puts into really simple terms and is really easy to understand and I recommend people watch it. Here is a link to it I think it will help you understand if you still don't I know it helped me.

10/8/2013 09:49:47 am

1. An argument to defend the position of the Republicans could be that they are 'trying' to get the government to decrease its size and power. And that they are trying to stop Obamacare to help save money, but money ends up being over-spent no matter what.
2.An argument to defend the Democrats could be that they are exactly opposite. The senate is not agreeing to negotiate a written law (obamacare).
3.I personally don't agree with either side of the argument because they are both such opposite arguments, and both have such strong beliefs and actions.
4. I have not been personally effected from the government shutdown that I know of. While i don't know anyone who is affected by it, i do know that many are affected and not getting pay checks. But i do know that those people need to be getting money, and in return the country gets money.

I think that the government shut down because of the two parties not agreeing on anything. They're to strongly biased with their own wants that they don't listen to each other and results in a shutdown.

Hannah H - 5
10/8/2013 10:07:27 am

1.) The Republicans which hold a number of seats in the house of representatives are trying to use "red" republicans to have majority over democratic leaders of the districts, causing them to loose their jobs in the primary. The Republicans apart of the Tea Party Caucus (Not sure how to spell that) are trying to stop Obamacare because they feel that it is allowing the government to have too much power and control over the budget. Republicans think that the Government shutdown is not the worse thing that could happen and think it is best to wait it out.
2.) The Senate who holds a majority of the Democratic Party will not compromise with the Republicans and are forcing them to agree with Obamacare, because it is already a passed law, they are standing their ground and will not budge. Democrats think the government shutdown will hurt their economy.
3.) I disagree with both sides. I feel that the republicans and democrats should be able to decide on a budget that is appropriate for our country and will do it's best to promote a better economy and society. Arguing over ObamaCare will get the Government nowhere they need to decide if it is for the benefit of the people. The Government looks unorganized and arrogant, like it's a feud between the two parties instead of a major decision that will effect the whole country.
4.) No one that I know personally is involved in a job that is directly being affected because of the government shutdown. It affects me by not allowing me to visit certain places that are government funded such as the Grand Canyon or State Parks. Even though it is hopefully a short shutdown it still is taking away from someone having the ability to see these wondrous parts of our country. Also it is affecting not only Detroit's, but also Macomb County's economies. People in government jobs are also being affected, they are not working and don't know if they will be compensated for their time off.

I personally think that if ObamaCare is already starting huge disagreements within our government then it should not even be a policy or budget idea further discussed. Just imagine the opinions it will evoke from people who it will not help but hurt. The Government needs to get themselves organized and keep the American people in mind when they can't make negotiations or agreements. Us, American People will for sure have a huge enforcement in what side will give in first.

10/10/2013 09:37:43 pm

So if ObamaCare should "not even be a policy or budget idea further discussed", as you say, does that mean we just throw it away (as the Republicans wish)? If we do not discuss it, does it just stand as is (as the Democrats wish)?

10/8/2013 11:29:52 am

1. most of republican people were elected on the idea that the government is out of control they wanted Obama care to end.
2.I think the democrats should negotiate and stop Obama care.
3.I agree with the republicans and try to stop Obama care its getting out of control.
4.yes they talked on the news about how the army could not watch the playoffs because of the government being shut down.

Brendan L-5th hour
10/9/2013 01:53:30 am

1. I believe that the republicans want to stop the spending of the money by government and not raise the 17 trillion dollar debt limit that is in effect right now.
2. There is no arguing the position of the democrats because they are the ones who want Obamacare to go through even though the gov't spending will skyrocket.
3. I am on the side with the republicans who do not want to raise the debt ceiling and stop government spending.
4. My parents family friend who works for the government in Arizona is out of work right now.

10/9/2013 03:45:07 am

1. An argument to defend the position of the Reublicans is they believe that there is to much power in the goverment, and they are against Obama Care. They believe that people should have to choice of picking health care.
2. An argument to defend the position of the Democrats is they believe in the Obama Care, that everyone should be covered by health insurance. This law already passed and they do not believe they need to argue this fact anymore.
3. I do not agree with the shutdown because alot of people rely on the government for a number of reasons. During a shutdown the government can not fully protect us, families lose income, and the economy takes a hit.
4. Everyone is effected by the government shutdown, one way or another.

10/9/2013 11:31:27 am

1) The government is getting too much power, and it needs to be downsized. The shutdown is not the worst thing that could happen in this situation.
2) Obama care was passed and found constitutional. There is no need to discuss the matter further.
3) I would say that I agree with the Republican side rather than the Democratic side. The governments power needs to remain limited.
4) The shutdown has not effected anyone that I know of.

Jacob domagalski
10/9/2013 11:42:18 am

The recent government shut down has been caused from an argument between the democrats and republicans over Obama care. The republicans are using a stop gap measure and will not compromise with the democrats. They are doing this for the reason that they want more power over the democrats. Also the republican electives are in fear of loosing there jobs. On the other hand democrats are trying to get Obama care which was already passed to go through. Now the democrats believe all these people out of work will negatively affect the economy. They believe this because that money can not be pumped back into the economy.

Jacob d
10/9/2013 11:49:47 am

In my view of the shut down there has been no one close to me that has been affected. Although this doesn't mean other families are not affected by the shut down. So while the democrats mostly care about the money getting back to the economy I would have to agree with them. The democrats will get the jobs back to the people and there is no use in arguing over Obama care if it was already passed. Lastly I seem to understand what has happened in the government shut down after watching the video. Although I would like to know if the small government shutdown could lead to a worse government shutdown

Jacob B - 1
10/10/2013 05:34:15 am

1. An argument to defend the position of the republicans is that if they allow Obamacare to go through, they could lose their jobs because the people they represent would heavily disagree with what they are doing.
2. An argument to defend the democrats is that Obamacare is a law that has been deemed constitutional, and that they have no reason to negotiate because it is already a constitutional law.
3. I don't necessarily agree with either side, I believe both sides are being too stubborn and they need to be willing to come to a compromise before the economy and the citizens take an even bigger hit while the shutdown continues.
4. No one that I know is directly affected by the shutdown by being furloughed, but everyone living in the country is indirectly affected through the various negative aspects of the shutdown, most notably the big hit that the economy is taking due to this shutdown.

10/10/2013 05:47:04 am

1. An argument to defend the position of the Republicans is that they believe money could be saved by ending Obama care. They also believe the government should have a limited size and amount of power.

2. An argument to defend the position of the Democrats would be the opposite and that they believe in Obama care and that everyone should be covered with health care.

3. I agree with the Republicans because I feel the government should have a limited amount of power.

4. I believe my Uncle who is a marine biologist in Jacksonville, Florida is effected by the government shutdown because he was furloughed

Ali T-2nd hour
10/10/2013 08:00:18 am

The position of the Republicans can be defended because they are trying to prevent the United States government from becoming too powerful. They don’t believe that the government should force the American people to have health care.
The position of the Democrats can be defended because they are standing up for what is right. Obamacare has already been passed, but the Republicans think that they can still put a stop to it. Democrats aren’t letting the Republicans bully their way into getting what they want.
I do not agree with either side. Both Democrats and Republicans are being extremely immature and selfish. Neither party is looking out for what is best for the American people. They only care about what is best for their own political party and both sides need to learn how to negotiate. If both parties cared about the country as much as they claim to, they would never have let this government shutdown happen.
Personally, I am not effected by the government shutdown. However, many of my close family friends have been furloughed. The longer this shutdown lasts, the more people will be effected.

mike Van Valkenburg
10/10/2013 08:02:55 am

Personally I believe both sides need to agree on something other wise this shutdown will continue. As for the side im on its defiantly republicans I think Obama care should not be approved its too much money for our government to spend on every year. Another thing I suggest is cut down on military cost our country spends hundreds of billions on military when were not even in a war it makes us think what we would be spending if we were in one. At the end of the day the only way this shutdown ends is for an agreement for both parties do what's best for our country not you're political party.

Jack H-2
10/10/2013 08:06:59 am

The government shut down since there wasn't an agreement on the Obama care between the Republican and Democratic Parties. The Republican Tea Party wished to stop the fund in our nations budget or at least negotiate but since the Democratic side thought of the Obama care as completely constitutional they wouldn't stand for arguing. Although the bill is constitutional they still should have compromised to come to an agreement since that is one of our concepts of a democracy. I do not know of a specific person that was affected by the shutdown but they disagreement between parties is something that has hindered our government everywhere and should be attempted to fix in order to form a more perfect country.

LindaD- 5
10/10/2013 08:55:27 am

1) An argument to defend the position of the republicans would be that they wan us to be able to choose our own healthcare. They want us to actually save their money, even though it is spent a lot as it is, a little may help in their case.
2) an argument to defend the position of the Democrats would be that they actually want people to have Obamacare because they believe that everyone should have health care no matter what. They are standing for what the think is right for the people or more so what people should have.
3) I agree with the Republicans because i do think we should choose how we want to have our healthcare and needs to stay limited.
4) I am not effected by the shutdown and neither is anyone i know of.

Nick B- 5
10/10/2013 09:08:08 am

1. The republicans are trying to get the government to limit size and amount of power and save money by ending Obama care.
2. The democrats want Obama care they want everyone to have health care and protected.
3. I agree with the republicans because i feel that Obama care will effect the choose of if people even want it. also it is a government run healthcare that is forced upon you or you will get fined so what about the people that can not afford they have to pay for it.
4. No one i know is effected by the shutdown.

Sebastian W
10/10/2013 09:17:05 am

1. The shutdown is not the worst thing that could happen they need to limit the size of the gov and downsize if neccesary
2.Oboma care was found constituntional so they passed it.. The republicans dont want obama care ecause they dont think the fovernment can support its funding
3. The democrats could defend that ever should have meticare no matter what their stature is
4. I agree with the republican side that the government needs to stay limited in size and power
5. No the shutdown has not affected me or anyone i know

10/10/2013 09:18:07 am

1, The fact that Obama Care simply is too costly could be a main argument to defend the Republicans because they are trying to help create a stable budget and limit government power.
2. The Democrats could use the argument that Obama Care has been passed as a law and found constitutional, therefore, they should not remove it because it is already passed.
3.I agree the most with the Republicans because the it is using up too much of the budget and the money could be used elsewhere.
4. My old lacrosse coach worked at Selfridge Air base and may have been furloughed, however, I am not positive if he is affected by the shutdown.

Anthony L-1
10/10/2013 09:30:49 am

1. They are trying to save money because we are in debt, and obamacare is increasing the money that we don't have.This method is to delay the obamacare so we can save money.
2.Democrats want discuss and save money with the obamacare, they think of the safety of the people even tho it will cost money. The only way to help is keeping the obama care active for the people.
3.I agree with both sides because there are pros and cons to both side.
-Republicans are limiting the health of others even though it's helping the country. The delay or shutdown of the government is only so obama care can not happen so fast. This is a great way to try to attack the deficit that we are in.
-Democrats are more towards health of the people, and obamacare can really help everyone. This will put the rate of dying citizens lower than it is
4.No one I know is or myself is effected by the government shutdown.

Avery G - 2nd
10/10/2013 09:35:56 am

I believe that segregation needs to end in government. We are one country united, and there should not be divisions or seperate parties. There should be one party of government to work as one for the common good of all people. I understand there are certain oppositions but to divide the government up seperately doesnt seem very united to me. I do not agree with the democratic party nor the republican. Thankfully I have not been personally affected from the shutdown, my dad works for the post office which is controlled by the government but like the video said, the post office was not effected.

Christian Balmaceda - 2
10/10/2013 09:43:40 am

1. From my perspective, the Republican Party does not want Obama Care because of the large defecit it would create. The nation is already neck deep in debt and this would drive it into the ground even more. They feel that government is getting too out of hand with these spending plans.

2. In defense of the Democratic Party, they want to help the citizens by passing Obama Care because they feel it would help more than it would hurt. They want to protect the citizens to the best of their ability because they feel it should be available for everyone. Also, it is already passed as a law, so they do not want to budge.

3. Although I am not completely commited to one side, I feel the Republicans are more logical in this situation. The cost of Obama Care would cause even more defecit spending and would drive the nation even deeper into the depths of debt.

4. I do not personally know anyone who is affected by the government shutting down.

Mitch B
10/10/2013 09:59:11 am

1) The republicans postion is overall to limit the government. The republicans think that they should not have as much power and the people should have some say in what the government is spending. In this way they are just trying to stablize the government.
2) The democrats position is to not even think about how much is being spent overall and just do what they have to do. The democrats want us to have obama care and whatever care is necessary.
3)I agree with the Republicans side becuase I like the fact that they are realizing what obama care is doing to all and takes it into consideration to limit all power. This money that is going into obama care could easially be used somewhere else.
4)No, nobody that i know or myself is affected by the shutdown in the government. Im sure in some ways we all know someone that is but maybe not directly.

mitch B-2nd hour! (didn't put my hour above)
10/10/2013 10:00:25 am

Tyler M. -2
10/10/2013 10:09:59 am

1. They want Obama care to end because it is just adding to the amount of debt we are already in.

2. They want to protect the citizens by keeping Obama care which on the surface is a good idea, but will hurt the country in the long run.

3. I agree with the republicans the most because they want to end something that isn't entirely needed. It would help us in the long run to get rid of it because it wouldn't make our debt worse.

4. I do not personally know anyone who is affected by the government shut down.

Nick H-2
10/10/2013 10:13:41 am

1. From what I got out of the of this the Republican Party doesn't want Obama Care because I cost us to much and would put us in debt even more and as a country we don't need that.

2. The Democratic Party has already got Obama Care as a law and with it being a law it should be no discussing of it.

3. I prefer the Republican because we should be trying to save money not trying to be in debt anymore than we are. But I can see what the Democratic party is saying that with it already being a law there should be no arguing with it have already pass.

4. I personally have no one effected by the government shut down.

Cody Van Ittersum
10/10/2013 10:19:29 am

What could be an argument to defend the position of the Republicans? they are trying to stop obama care to save money
What could be an argument to defend the position of the Democrats? they want obama care to go threw no matter what even knowing it will case gov spending to skyrocket
Which side or argument to do you agree with most? i think they are both 100% ridicule no one want to work together and talk to find a happy medium i dont support either of them they are handling it like children and we need a new reform in are government if we want it to last
Are you or anyone you know effected by the shutdown? i think everyone is in some way but if buy job terms no we are not

10/10/2013 10:19:56 am

1.The main concern of the Republicans is Obamacare, as they feel it gives the Democrats too much power over the budget. The Republicans have tried to negotiate with the Democrats, but to no avail.
2.Obamacare has already been passed into law, so the Democrats feel no need to discuss it any further. They believe that Obamacare is best for the people as it provides healthcare to those who cannot afford it.
3.I am on the side of the Republicans. They want to negotiate with the democrats about the government spending, but the democrats will not agree to it. As for Obamacare becoming a law, it makes me wonder how "Congress" managed to pass it into law with a Republican controlled House. Now, i am not opposed to healthcare for those who cannot afford it, I am however opposed to taxing the American people instead of the government paying for it. Of course, with Obama adding 7 trillion dollars to our nations debt within just 5 years, i suppose it would be hard for the government to pay for much of anything.
4.While i am not personally affected by the shutdown, it does have some affect on all American people. A majority of Americans voted Barack Obama into office, while the Republicans knew that economic conditions would not much improve, and although it is not the worst thing that could have happened to our nation, we are still in a partial government shutdown mostly over Obamacare being forced on all people, especially small business owners, whether they have the money to provide it to their employees or not.

Christian Goolsby
10/10/2013 10:25:33 am

I am split nearly half and half with the views(republican, democrat). In this situation I felt that the government shutdown was completely unnecessary. The republicans are trying to stop Obama Care; which has been making health insurance mandatory for all Americans. The republicans are trying to put an end to this program so that they can focus more on other programs and to eliminate government control over this country. The democrats are just trying to provide health care and safety for all so that our country can become safer. Although many disagreed with Obama care when it was being passed; I believe the republicans handled this situation very poorly. My mother is affected directly by this since she works in the mortgage industry which in order to make proper transaction, needs to have the IRS. Many others are affected by this, but as for my mom, it does not prevent her from working; it is more of a backup of work. As soon as all government programs are opened back up our country will be back to how it was several days ago. It seems as if government shutdowns have been occurring at a gradual pace, having shorter amounts of time between each shutdown. I believe government shutdown comes with more government involvement, which is not necessarily what the founders had in mind. The founders may have even started a revolt by now, and if our government keeps up this behavior based on money, and power. The people of which this country was founded for; will disagree and revolt.

Christian goolsby
10/10/2013 10:26:38 am

- 2nd

AdamW - 1
10/10/2013 10:46:17 am

1. A good argument the Republicans would offer is that the government is in debt, and our country needs to save money. Obama care would cost too much money, and end up putting us in more debt. The Republicans are offering to negotiate, but most democrats are not willing to negotiate.
2. Democrats will not negotiate Obama Care because they believe that the law has already been passed, and nothing can be done to change it. Both sides offer a somewhat convincing argument.
3. Picking a side on this debate is a very hard choice for me. The fact that Republicans are willing to negotiate makes me want to side with them, but personally I don't mind Obama Care. I don't hate it, I don't like it, so I don't really understand why everyone has to fight over this. I agree that the only way a government can function is if they compromise. Without compromise a democratic government probably could not function. I am not going to take a side, but I really wish the two parties could compromise.
4. I only know of one person who is affected by the government shutdown, which is my cousin. He works at a tank plant in warren, and with the government shutdown, he doesn't work, and he doesn't get paid either.

Kennedy D -2nd
10/10/2013 10:51:27 am

1-The role of the republican party is to limit the governments with government 'issues' or 'things, the government does not have the funds to run anything anyways, and taxing the people more is not the answer.
2-The duty of the democrats is to get the government to have as much input in the economy as possible and have 'programs' to help the people regardless of the budget. i cant tell if that's a plus or a negative personally.
3- i dont agree with either because in my eyes (therefore i am still just a kid with no knowledge of anything different) our government is not doing very well...
4- personally i am not affected by the shutdown, because again, i am just a kid, with no imput, or outlook on the situation because i dont vote or pay the bills, so government to me is just my parents complaining... so, give it a couple months to sink in and then ill play off how my parents act.

sean c
10/10/2013 10:52:34 am

i found the two videos very interesting and thought provoking. the fact that this could happen is just staggering to me.

Saranda B-1
10/10/2013 10:53:33 am

1. There is too much power in the government and the Republicans also do not agree with Obama care.
2. Democrats agree on Obama care and that people should be provided with health care.
3. Republicans because the governments power needs to be limited and it has to stop government spending.
4. The shutdown has not effected me personally or anyone I know of.

Nick R-1
10/10/2013 10:53:39 am

I think an argument for the republicans could be that obama care cost more money and puts our country even further in debt and also that obama is not willing to negotiate with the republicans. An argument for the democrats could be that we should increase our budget and increase our spending so that we can just continue down the road that we are on. I agree with the republicans the most because we really need to start saving our money and stop spending it on things we can do ourselves. No nobody i know is effected by the shutdown.

Anthony P-5
10/10/2013 10:54:21 am

1. To defend the Republican Party is to end Obama care because it cost to much money and shatter not only our health benefits, but destroy 40 hour workweek that is the backbone of the American middle class.
2. The Democratic Party want to protect citizens with people who can't afford healthcare and they need to not think of how much they spend but how much people they help.
3. I agree with the Republican Party because we should be trying to get out of debt instead of using money for Obama care we should be either not spending or spend on something more important.
4. I don't know anyone who is affected by the government shutdown but if i was a strong democrat i would be a little worried especially about Obama Care.

Lea Z 1st
10/10/2013 10:55:43 am

1- The republicans just want to make the government have less controlling power over the citizens. By forcing them to buy certain health insurances and by punishing them for buying something better. They just want to make it so that we have a chance to make our own choices.
2- They just want the Obama care to stay part of the government. They just don't want to be under the "care" it provides. They don't mind the amount of money it would cost.
3- I agree with the Republican side. I feel this way because i feel as if you should be able to choose what heath care you want. If the government maybe wants to provide a minimal care package to those who cant afford one then they can, but the whole country should not have to be part of it.
My parents have a friend that is part of the FBI but her portion of the government was not shut down. Otherwise no i do not

Fiona N - 1
10/10/2013 11:04:26 am

I understand both sides of the argument. I can understand that the Republicans are trying to listen to their voters and try to change Obamacare so their voters will be happy. I also understand the Democrats in that they want to save Obamacare since it was made a law, and found constitutional. What I don't understand is how both parties could let the government shut down. The Republican party and the House should have just sent a simple CR to the Senate to be passed so the government could continue to run, and then later on discussed Obamacare more. Along with that thought, maybe the Democrats should have listened to the Republican party more from the start so it wouldn't have come down to an essentially petty fight between parties. Also, the strange system of new district lines does not make sense, as only the majority is being heard within a district, instead of a semi-equal representation of both parties. This makes it harder for people to have their vote count and harder for Congress to essentially work since politicians are just trying to keep their jobs, leading to not being able to compromise. I suppose I agree more with the Democrats since Obamacare was made law and therefore should be protected and carried out as it was supposed to.
I am not personally effected by the shutdown, although I am assuming that the economy will be effected adversely, and will effect negatively everyone in due time.

Eliza B. - 1
10/10/2013 11:12:47 am

1. An argument for the republicans is that they do not approve of obama care, and they are trying their best to improve it. Also, they want to lessen the power of the government and this was a good opportunity to since they were the ones being asked to approve the budget. They tried to compromise with the democrats by including reforms on obama care into the budget act, but the democrats refused.
2. However, the democrats already worked hard to get their obama care approved, and going back to make changes would seem like they are backtracking. The law was going into effect soon, so why should they change it now? The republicans were using the budget approvement as an excuse to get what they want.
3. Although both sides are being somewhat ridiculous (obviously because of the outcome of the situation) i would have to say i agree more with the democrats. My reasoning for this is that they had already gotten obama care passed. The budget cut doesn't have anything to do with obama care, it's just a random demand that they want met in order for them to do what they have to do to keep the government running properly.
4. I personally do not know of anyone who had been directly affected by the shutdown, but judging from the video, lots of people are without a paycheck for awhile, and i know what kind of damage that can do to a family, even if it's for a short time. I do know one person who works at Selfridge, but i have not gotten a chance to ask him about the shutdown.

Deanna K-2
10/10/2013 11:21:07 am

1. The Republicans are going against Obama care because the National debt is already so high. They believe that it will just hurt our country even more than it already has.
2. The Democratic Party believes that Obama care is doing the best with helping the U.S. citizens. Also they believe that since this law has already passed it is done for discussion. They want to help the citizens and they believe that this is the best thing for them.
3. I agree with both parties. I agree with the Republican party because i believe that our country needs a budget. I believe this because we are in debt already and we can not keep not keep digging a bigger hole in our economy. I also agree with the Democratic party because we should be helping the citizens. I agree with this because the government should be helping the citizens out since we are paying for Obama care through our taxes.
4. Yes, I do know someone who effected by the shut down of the government. My mom does mortgages, the rural development department is totally shut down and the IRS and social security administration are not processing any requests.

10/10/2013 11:25:13 am

1. The republicans are looking to compromise with the democrats but the democrats will not compromise so the republicans give up and basicly say "if your not even gonna compromise then why are we here".
2. The democratic party does not want to compromise because they found that obama care was constitutional and it was passed so they are not gonna do anything that would go against obama care.
3. I agree with the republicans in saying that we need to come to a compromise on obama care and if the democratic party denies a compromise then the republican party shutsdown.
4. Nobody i know of including me have been affected by this shutdown

Corinn Palmer Hr. 5
10/10/2013 11:38:33 am

1.) The Republicans think that the government is out of control with their spending and that it puts us in more dept. Overall they are completely against Obama care.
2.) The Democrats know that the law has already been passed and they don't want to cause problems and mess with the law. They think this law is best for everyone because it is fair if it applies to every citizen. They want to have the input of the government regardless of the deficit it could cause.
3.) I would lean more to the Republican side because i agree that Obama care would cause more deficit spending and the nation would fall deeper and deeper into debt.
4.) I nor anyone that i know have been affected by the government shutdown. Im sure if this continued for a long period of time it could lead to turmoil. However at the moment I remain unaffected by the shutdown.

Hannah H-2
10/10/2013 11:40:11 am

1. I see the republicans trying to cut down on the size of the government and not make everyone have the so called negative effect of Obama care on their lives because they think it will cost us a lot more.
2. The democrats are trying to get the government running as soon as possible to get people money and help other people. They want Obama care to start so that people who don't have health insurance can have it and get the services they need.
3. I agree more with the democrats because it would be better for people to get health care services with Obama care and they people who were laid off because of the government shutdown need to get back to work so that they can make money and support their families.
4. I do not know of anyone affected by the government shut down but I can assume that the people affected are having a hard time right now and want to get back to work as soon as possible.

Leah N 2
10/10/2013 12:04:16 pm

1. The republicans are trying to make the government smaller and make everything a lot cheaper.
2. the democrats are trying to give the people money and get the government running as soon as possible.
3. I agree with the republican side because Obama in does in fact want good for the US but he doesn't exactly understand that we have a budget and I think he is just putting us into dept. step by step.
I do not know anyone effected by the government but I sure hope that everything can go back to working asap.

Samantha McManus- 2nd hour
10/10/2013 12:19:30 pm

1.) The Republican Party doesn't want to pass Obama care because they feel it will add to our already very large amount of debt, they believe the government spending is out of hand and needs to be under control.
2.) The Democratic Party is obviously in favor of Obama care, they believe nothing should be changed because the law has already been passed and found constitutional. They think everyone should have insurance provided regardless of the debt it will cause government.
3.) In my opinion I agree with the Republican Party, our country is in enough debt as it is and should limit there spending. We should focus on getting out of debt rather than adding to the problem.
4.) No one I know has been affected my the government shutdown so far.

Dave C-2
10/10/2013 12:40:16 pm

•What could be an argument to defend the position of the Republicans?
The Republicicans don't want anymore debt with this Obamacare program. Our country hasenough debt now.

•What could be an argument to defend the position of the Democrats? The Democrats want everyone to have Obamacare whether they want it or not. This will cause even more debt to our country.

•Which side or argument to do you agree with most?
The Republicans. The government has to make cuts to the spending, not keep raise the debt limit so they can spend more.

•Are you or anyone you know effected by the shutdown?
I don't know anyone who is not working because of the shutdown. If I wanted to go to the park or museum that would effect me because they closed because of the shutdown.

Noah G
10/10/2013 12:57:28 pm

1. The Republicans are doing everything that they can do to stop Obama Care. They believe that the country cannot afford the expense of this healthcare plan and they are probably right.
2 The Democrats can argue that Obama Care is constitutional as this decision has been upheld by our judicial system. Both arguments have merit.
3. I don't agree with either party. They want what's best for themselves and not the people. I don't want Obama Care. I don't want the taxpayers to have to pay for health care for illegal immigrants. I don't think that the Democrats were representing the people's wishes when they passed Obama Care. I mean how can you pass a law and then exempt yourself from it? Neither party really cares about the people. It is all about power and money to both parties and we as citizens need to become more knowledgeable about what is happening in our government. Only together can changes be made. And until both parties are working together for the people things won't get any better..
4. I don't know anyone affected by the shutdown. But I am sure that those unfortunate people will be compensated through unemployment or with back pay for their troubles.

Nich W-1
10/10/2013 01:19:18 pm

1)The Republicans are just exercising their rights as leverage to get their way in something they feel is unconstitutional.
2)The Democrats are currently in the clear, the Judiciary system has not ruled Obamacare as unconstitutional, nor have there been any objections between democrats.
3)Personally, I agree with the Republican party. Obamacare is a new hyper-radical form of socialism I have never seen before. If Obamacare were paid for by the government for citizens, it wouldn't be a radical idea, Canada and other democracies already have Universal healthcare. Obamacare is unconstitutional because it not only forces you to have healthcare, but forces you to pay for it.
4)No, I am not affected by the government shutdown. Neither do i know of anyone who is.

10/10/2013 01:52:24 pm

An argument that could defend the Republicans is that Obama Care is in fact important and needs to continued to be funded whether the Democrats like it or not. A republican could argue that is for the people and overall is a benifit to our country.

While the Democrats could argue that it is a waste of money and because of this spending jobs could be lost and that makes perfect sense because not everyone needs Obama Care and it is not important to those who could lose their job over such spending.

I agree with the Democrats because i believe it is spending that we just do not need to do.

A question I would like to ask is that is it possible that local governments could start shutting down after a certain amount of time?

Rich N-2
10/10/2013 03:15:13 pm

-One point a republican might argue is that it provides healthcare for all while you pay the same monthly payments that you'll end up paying for a different health care provider for better coverage.

-One point the democrats could argue is that people simply do not have the resources to pay this newly "constitutional" law. In fact, either way, whether it by penalty fees for not registering or the money you have to pay for having the care itself you will be paying X amount of dollars each month.

-I would have to disagree with both sides of the argument, I think neither are correct in their ways and that it was quite an immature move considering the state our country is currently in at the moment.

-I have not been directly nor indirectly affected by the recent partial shutdown of our government. However, I can not speak on behalf of the workers who on government payroll and wish for their sake and ultimately the sake of our economy that our government has a speedy recovery and is able to compensate and compromise between the different viewpoints held by each party.

savannah Bernard 2nd hr
10/10/2013 10:20:37 pm

1- the Republican Party does not want Obama care because our government is enough debt as it is
2- the Democratic Party believes we should have Obama care because it would be in the best interest for everyone and they already passed it
3- In my opinion the Democratic Party is right and even though it would put the U.S in more debt it would help many people who are struggling because they can not afford health care
4- I do not know anyone that has been affected by this shut down in government

10/11/2013 01:20:07 am

1.the republicans are trying to stop the government from spending more money and making the debt worse.
2.the Democrats are always trying to make all other political parties better and always fighting but they should just stop fighting and worrie more about the people and helping them out.
3. the republicans have a better point when it comes to obama care. i think they should cut back on the obama care and not go in to more debt.
4. i do not know anyone personaly that has been effected by the government shutdown. but im sure there is allot of people that has been affected.

Brandon T-5
10/11/2013 01:53:22 am

1. The republicans are defending their beliefs in this matter, and going to a full extent to do so.
2. The democrats are also defending their own opinion, which is that Obamacare is in the best interest of the country. They need to compromise and end the shutdown.
3. I agree with the Democrats because medical care for the poor should always be a priority of the american people, even if the taxes do go up a little bit. I do not think that a small group of republicans should be able to cause a government shutdown that is this extreme.
4. I am not personally affected by this shutdown at all, and i do not know anyone who is. I do not go to national parks or museums, and that is the only way i would be affected by this.

Maggie T-5th
10/11/2013 01:54:39 am

1) Republicans believe that the government is spending too much money and are trying to stop Obama Care becasue they think the country cant afford to spend anymore money.
2) Democrats believe that since the law is already passed that they shouldnt try to change anything about it and do what is best for the people.
3) I agree with the Republicans because we shouldnt be spending money that we technically dont have.
4) No, i dont know anybody that was directly effected by the government shutdown and i have also not been effected by the shutdown. But, i am aware that many people are without paychecks and State Parks and museums are closed.


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