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When did the city of Detroit first begin to see difficulties? Was or is any one person responsible for what has happened to Detroit? In your opinion what are the top three things that contributed most to Detroit's troubles? What are two things that could have been done to lessen Detroit's current problems? 

LoganS -1
11/11/2013 05:38:42 am

It began when Mayors and other people with political power didn't make the right financial choices. They didn't consider long term consequences and those turned out to be bad choices in hindsight. Many Mayors are at fault for not doing all they could to reverse this problem. For panicking and just borrowing more money, they should have taken a path of a more direct long-term financial plan. The top three things that contributed most to Detroit's troubles are free spending, borrowing with no thought to repayment, and not making long term goals. Instead, if they had made a decision based on long term goals instead of acting irrationaly to solve their problems with the closest solution (borrowing) and following an outlined financial plan, then they could've avoided accumulating extra debt that could have been worked out if it was still at a manageable size. Also, they could have a better inner-workings monitoring system. Too many times a greedy politician steals money or gives jobs to friends or bonuses as bribes and other things that they are selfishly getting for their self without any thought to the actual people they are supposed to serve. There needs to be a better system of checks and balances to watch over the politicians.

Noah Ganfield
11/12/2013 05:00:58 am

Detroit went broke because of many mayors borrowing money without intending to pay it back and not doing anything to solve the debt problem. Not only one, but many people were responsible for Detroit's downfall. All of the mayors haven't done anything to fix Detroit. The three things that led to Detroit downfall was borrowing money, free spending and not creating jobs for Detroiters. Created more jobs for people and fix detroits problems with simple things like lights and other things.

Kaela K - 2nd Hour
11/12/2013 05:25:54 am

Detroit first began seeing difficulties around the 1950's when its elected officials decided to make poor economic decisions. Not any one person is responsible for what happened to Detroit. Many people want to blame Coleman Young, but there were other officials that could have done things to try and possibly stop Detroit's decline or make it somewhat better. The top three things that contributed to Detroit's troubles were borrowing money without planning to pay it back, spending money on unimportant things, and their tax rates that led to people leaving the state because they couldn't afford to pay the taxes. Two things that could have been done to lessen Detroit's current problems is more control over state spending and making more jobs for people so they could stay in the state and afford the taxes.

Linda D -5
11/12/2013 09:19:30 am

Detroit went broke because political people made the wrong choices in financial areas. Not only one person was responsible for what happened to Detroit. I think the 3 things that led to that was borrowing money, taxing rates, and spending money on less important issues than the important issues needing to actually be addressed. Two things that they could of done to lessen Detroit's current problems would be to create more jobs for people to be able to tax, and also could of spend less money, such as borrowing less unless it's something very useful.

Jack Hemstrom 2nd hour
11/12/2013 10:19:31 am

The reason for Detroit's downfall wasn't because of single person but for many wrongfully funded programs and habits over the years. More towards the 1980's is when Detroit started to have the citys debt go rising up and making the lives there difficult. Things could have been done to prepare us for the future such as our automotive industry to cut down on the wages and employee benefits. Also the programs that didn't help the city most were funded more than the important ones so the budgeting in Detroit wasn't accurately done. Detroit keeps trying to borrow and tax to get revenue while instead they should improve the employment opportunities to fit the needs of the future. The city should focus on the important issues that will help others like creating jobs that are demanded and budget correctly. Hopefully our new mayor will take the correct action to improve our important city then perhaps help our state.

Christian G-2
11/13/2013 05:36:43 am

Detroit began to see financial difficulties all the way back in 1950's. Although every mayor contributed to the cities debt whether it be positive or negative; it seems as if the debt increased the most when dennis archer and Kwame were in office. The top three things to affect this consisted of the recession in the 1970's 1980's, the loss of residents starting around that time, and the recession in early 2000 combined with Kwame was the final and most destructive blow. Detroit could have stopped these by one, re electing a new mayor, and also making more spending cuts, sooner.

Deanna K-2
11/13/2013 07:56:29 am

Detroit starting seeing the most difficulties and got in the most debt around 1985. I don't believe that anyone or anything is fully responsible for Detroit's troubles. There were many things that contributed to Detroit's downfalls but not one thing or person has fully responsibility. The top three things that I believe affected the downfall are borrowing more and more, Kilpatrick's gamble, and gifting a billion in bonuses. Two things that could have helped lessen Detroit's current problems one we could of not of gave such a huge bonus to so many people. Also something we could have done was only borrow as much money as we know we could have paid it back. This is one of the reasons we are in a huge amount of debt is because we borrowed to much money and we could not pay it back and to this day still can't pay it back. Secondly we could of not of gave such a huge bonus to so many people.

Kat O-1
11/13/2013 09:52:25 am

Detroit's financial difficulties first began in the 1950's and worsened as the years went on. Not just one, but many mayors would be held responsible for the downfall because they all failed to fully get Detroit out of debt. The top three things in my opinion that contributed most to Detroit's troubles were the lack of jobs, spending money on less important or irrelevant things, and borrowing money but not planning to pay it back. Two things that could have been done to lessen Detroit's current problems would be more job opportunities so the workers could make money to pay taxes towards the city and also, more control over spending so Detroit would not be in this rediculous amount of debt.

Hannah H-5th
11/13/2013 12:19:23 pm

Detroit's economic downfall began in the 1950's, when elected officials could not make political or financial decisions regarding their borrowing and taxation. Michigan also took away a large amount of Detroit's state-shared revenue. Many people have contributed to the downfall of Detroit and it's bankruptcy and debt. Mayors, Michigan, and elected officials take most of the blame. Three things that have contributed to Detroit's troubles are the excessive taxation that was put on Detroiters to gain revenue. This contributed to downsizing because people weren't able to pay their bills or property taxes. Unemployment has been another huge trouble, jobs are hard to find and people aren't making money like they used to. Lastly, The Mayor, Kilpatrick was the last straw, he stole money and did not care about the people. Detroit needs to first be fixed up, abandoned buildings need to be tore down, street lamps turned on, and people need to bring back the city that millions of people used to want to live in and visit. Also, Detroit needs to produce revenue and get rid of some debt. It needs to get a clean slate and it's old image.

Jacob M-2nd
11/13/2013 08:41:27 pm

Detroit's economic hardship began with electing the wrong officials at the wrong time. They abused power and Borrowed lots of money, while raising taxes at the same time. They just wanted more money, Many people are responsible.Our politicians, in Lansing, could be to blame, taking away most of Detroit's state shared revenue. Another thing was that with each mayor, he rose taxes, while borrowing a lot of money, so not only did we pay more out of our pocket, but he had a steady flow of debt filling up in Detroit.The final straw, was when the Unemployment rates began to rise in the city of Detroit, This economically "Cast-Away" Detroit to the rising tide of debt and suffering its citizens endured, while politicians squandered money away from their people. Detroit needs to increase its revenue, thus create jobs for the people of the city; Not only that, but taxes should be lowered so more people can have money to buy things, which goes into the economy and makes it flourish.

Christian B 2nd
11/13/2013 08:51:12 pm

Detroit began to have difficulties when the borrowed massive amounts of money and failed to cut expenses. It wasn't just one mayor that failed the city, but several. Overtime, they were careless and the city paid for it in the long run. Some things that contributed to its downfall is the fact that it became divided because of race. Another problem that happened was the fact that they did not focus on major city issues and they overspent money in other places that weren't as important. Another problem that happened in Detroit was the fact that they overtaxed its inhabitants. They could have gotten out of bankruptcy years ago if only Kilpatrick hadn't gone on a massive spending spree. If only 1,100 employees weren't added in the 1990's. The city is now just a mess and a shell of its former glory all because of decades of mistakes and carelessness.

sam peruski
11/13/2013 09:52:21 pm

It began with a lot of mayors spending way to much money. Multiples of mayors are involved with Detroit bankruptcy. The top three things that led to Detroit troubles are spending lots of money,over taxing and unemployment no jobs no houses which means you end up on the streets. kill-Patrick should not have been mayor in the first place he stole so much money that led to the big bankruptcy. if we did not have him as a mayor this would not of happen as bad. the other one is that spending way to much on things that weren't necessary to begin with.

Kennedy DeMeere 2nd
11/13/2013 09:54:17 pm

Detroit's struggle can be easily pushed upon the mayors within the last few decades. Detroit started its spiraling downfall in the late 1950's. Before that Detroit was a huge populated city where many would go for work, but now, many people are without of jobs due to the mayors spending issues. The things that led to Detroit's downfall was free spending, not enough employment options for the people and borrowing money. If Detroit had a more in tune and focused mayor who actually had intentions for the people and returning Detroit to the big successful city, then maybe Detroit would actually be remembered for something good instead of the city to stay away from.

11/14/2013 01:38:48 am

The city of Detroit first started to see difficulties when it began to borrow with the Chrysler Plant. That is when the debt really began to skyrocket because Detroit never really had to borrow much but when the pensions started flowing in Detroit was overwhelmed. All of the past Detroit mayors were responsible for the downfall of Detroit by not doing their responsibilities. Kwame Killpatrick did not help Detroit by stealing the millions of dollars from the pension funds thus pushing Detroit further into debt.The things that Detroit could have done to prevent this are to start taxing more and spending less earlier, and they could have cut-off the unnecessary liabilities when things started to get bad.

Saranda B-1
11/14/2013 05:25:23 am

Detroit started having problems when the they started borrowing money. And the major is to blame I believe. Three things are borrowing money, free spending, and no jobs. Two things are more jobs and control the state spending.

Adam W-1
11/14/2013 05:47:45 am

Detroit first saw it's problems during 1950 when elected officials couldn't, or wouldn't make the tough decisions needed to keep the city strong. Many of people over the years are to blame for the fall of Detroit. It wasn't just one person. Overtime, it became worse and worse. The three biggest reasons, were borrowing too much money, having no jobs, and having taxes way too high. Detroit could have offered more jobs, to find a way to keep the population in Detroit, and not have spent so much money on various things.

Brandon T-2
11/14/2013 06:17:32 am

Detroit first saw problems when it began borrowing money for the car plants. No one person is to blame for what happened to Detroit, but all the past mayors have contributed to its downfall. Three main problems are borrowing money, high taxes, and no jobs. Detroit could have avoided all of this by electing smarter mayors and not borrowing money.

Ali T - 1st hour
11/14/2013 06:27:46 am

Detroit first began to see trouble in the 1950‘s, when those responsible for managing Detroit’s finances failed to make smart political and economic decisions that would keep the city prosperous. Sadly, not just one person can be blamed for Detroit’s troubles. Instead, there is a long list of people that can be blamed for Detroit’s financial ruin including multiple mayors and the State of Michigan itself. Three of the biggest contributors to Detroit’s debt were repeated increase in taxes, repeated borrowing, and the reduction of Detroit's state-shared revenue. If Detroit hadn’t borrowed so much money, the city would have a much better chance at getting out of its debt. Instead, Detroit should have focused on keeping its residents inside the city and making life in Detroit more appealing to both residents and tourists. The city also needs to gain control over its spending.

Nick H-2
11/14/2013 06:29:45 am

Detroit saw there problems in the 1950 when they couldn't make any financial decision which then lead to bad economic decisions. I believe no one person is to blame for this because it has got worse over the years. The three things that lead to this is borrowing money and not paying it back. Also bad tax rates and not budging for thing that each city needs. Pay back some the money that we borrowed and have more jobs so people want to stay in Detroit which would lead to economics go up which hopefully will lead to the city getting out of bankruptcy.

Jacob domagalski-5
11/14/2013 06:41:36 am

Detroit's troubles where not cause by just a single person but from many unreasonably funded programs and habits over the years. Around the1980's is when the city's debt was exceeding limits that have not been seen before in Detroit's history. Things that could have been done differently are the automotive industry could cut down on the wages and not give south benifits. In more depth the city's budgeting was funding the things that did not need the funding and not putting enough money into the ones that needed it. With Detroit still borrowing money they can not grow and prosper. Not too long ago we had a mayor In Detroit stealing money while this is bad the other greedy mayors could be seen as using there power wrongly. Also not haveing the best interests for Detroit in mind. If the past mayors would have stoped giving the people the extra things and not borrow money that was too much for them to payback Detroit could have helped there problem. This men who establish a new face on politics in Detroit need to from now on need to keep the city's best interests in mind.

MirandaL -2
11/14/2013 06:52:57 am

The city of Detroit first began to see difficulties in the 1950s when the elected officers failed or refused to make the tough economic and political decisions that might have saved the city of Detroit. Not just one person is responsible for what has happend to Detroit. There are multiple elected officers and mayors and even the people living there who are to blame, and even the state of Michigain officers. In my opinion the top three things that contributed to Detroits troubles are years of missmanagment of the mayors, lack of jobs and industry in the city, residents moving out, the city borrowing money,and increases on taxes. Two things that could have been done to lessen Detroits current problems are making the right economic decision, and offering up more jobs.

Nick R-2
11/14/2013 06:58:13 am

Detroit first began to see its difficulties in the 1950's when Detroit's leaders kept making dumb decisions with the city's money not thinking about the future. No one person is responsible for all the debt, it was a group of people from 1950 until now who made bad decisions for the city causing it to go very deep in debt. I think the top three things that contributed most to Detroit's troubles are Kwame Kilpatrick, to much borrowing money, and overall a lot of mayors who were not good at running a city. Two things that could be done to currently help Detroit could be to find any way to help create more jobs, and to cut every cost that they can to save more money.

Lea Z -1
11/14/2013 07:12:20 am

Detroit began to see problems beginning in the 1950-1960s. It was many people fault that Detroit is in the state that it. People such as Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Lansing politicians, Mayors Jerome Cavanagh,Roman Gribbs, and Mayor Dennis Archer. In my opinion the top three things that contributed to the most of Detroit's trouble would be the borrowing of money they can't give back, the raising of taxes many times, and the raising of the benefits when they truly didn't have the money to give. Two things that could of been done could of been electing different mayors with better ideas about the initial downfall and offering more jobs so that people have a reason to stay or move in.

11/14/2013 07:16:50 am

Politicians and mayors are the ones who originated Detroit's problems by borrowing money they knew they could not repay. They could have made a real long term financial plan but they panicked and assumed borrowing money was their solution. Detroit's three main problems are careless people, borrowing with out thinking, and not thinking long-term. Detroit could have set long term financial and economical goals instead of acting hasty and unwisely towards immediate problems. Instead of business's being selfish they could have helped their city. Now if they would rid the city of burnt out buildings and condemned areas to put in new fresh things/buildings/farm lands (spawning from what they are doing now) would allow the city, maybe, to prosper again.

Hannah H-2
11/14/2013 07:37:04 am

Detroit's problems started around the 1950's to the 1960's when the city was getting into debt. The major contributors to the downfall were the politicians in Lansing. Three problems that made the city have a downfall was borrowing money they couldn't pay back, residents leaving the city and ever increasing tax rates. Two things that could have been done is to offer more jobs to the citizens and elect better mayors that could have ran the city better.

Corinn Palmer 5th
11/14/2013 07:40:03 am

The city of Detroit first began to see difficulties in the 1950s. Officials could not seem to make the right financial decisions. No, there is not just one single person to blame. Elected officials and mayors have most of the blame put on their shoulders. The three major things that contributed to Detroit's problems is the unemployment, taxation and the borrowing of money. Two things they could have done to lessen these issues could be to repair the city, clean it up a lot and also providing more jobs for the people.

Anthony Proia- 5th hour
11/14/2013 07:41:25 am

Detroit had many difficulties from selfish mayors or any politicians who were trying to borrow money for their own good and left the people in Detroit bankrupt 18 million dollars in debt. The three things that led to Detroit in debt was borrowing money, free spending and not creating jobs for people in Detroit. Created more jobs for people and fix detroits problems with simple things like lights and other things. Also Crimes were not prevented at all causing people to leave the city of Detroit, abandoned houses, and tragedies for innocent people.

mike Van Valkenburg
11/14/2013 08:33:58 am

The city of Detroit has slowly seen its down fall from the 1950's to today. Just in the last 15 years it went from bad to embarrassing. They're biggest problems that got them to this point is one electing a a bunch of thugs as their political leaders thief's that stole money from the city. Also they have not created jobs like they have in the past. Also crime is their third biggest problem. No ones at specific to blame for their problems its more about the whole group of mayors and politicians that have been running the city the last 45 years. What would have lessoned Detroit's problems is paying attention to their budget along with not electing thugs as city officials.

11/14/2013 09:09:03 am

Detroit’s troubles began in the late 1960’s but only got significantly bad in the early 2000’s, seemingly due to the fact that its elected officials didn’t make the right economic decisions. Detroit’s situation cannot be blamed on one person, as many people made mistakes that contributed to its downfall. For example, Mayor Jerome Cavanagh failed to cut the workforce as population and property values declined, and Mayor Kilpatrick didn’t show enough fiscal discipline and launched a consequential “borrowing spree.” I think the three things that contributed the most to Detroit’s current abject situation were 1) the taxes that many leaders enforced on the city, 2) using money for things other than public safety, and 3) borrowing far too much (one mayor borrowed over $250 million). I think the main two things that could be done to improve Detroit now or in the future would be reducing taxes and trying to aid the people who live there. Many who still reside in Detroit have experienced hardships lately and any new mayors should attempt to improve the city to make them feel more comfortable and satisfied with it. If those who live there are happier, people may be willing to move back and help improve the city.

11/14/2013 09:28:25 am

Detroit has had difficulties for many years and the result of this didn't come from any one single mayor. Although the article makes an argument against Kwame Kilpatrick and his role in the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy. As depicted in the article, there are many "if only" moments that could have happened, which may have saved Detroit. Or perhaps borrowed some time for the city. With Kevyn Orr sent to clean up the $18 billion dollar mess, one could only assume that bankruptcy was the only answer. As mentioned before, Detroit has had these problems for decades and only went a short amount of time before the revenue was less than debt again. One of the many things Detroit did to try to fix its problems was to impose more and more taxes. The population decline didn't help in that area much. Pensions also seem to swallow up a large portion of money that Detroit could use elsewhere. There are many changes Detroit needs to make, and just as one mayor didn't cause the decline, one mayor can't fix the city either. I expect it to take years before Detroit is back above the water.

11/14/2013 09:32:49 am

Detroit's financial problems began in the 1950's, much earlier than when Coleman Young became the mayor. The 1960's saw the first major drop in Detroit's population with the extreme race riots the city saw during those times. Obviously, many people contributed to Detroit's financial problems, but perhaps Kwame Kilpatrick did the worst economically to the city. Sure the city was already in bad shape, but if Kwame hadn't been using city money for his personal use, perhaps Detroit would never have filed for bankruptcy in the first place. Three things that I believe contributed to Detroit's financial crisis are borrowing money that the city can't pay back, lack of jobs due to residents moving out because of bad upkeep of the city, and overtaxing the people to try to pay for the debt. Two things I believe Detroit could have done to lessen its problems were control the race riots which led people out of the city, and used its own businesses to get money in the city, not borrowing excess amounts they were unable to pay back.

Fiona N-1
11/14/2013 09:33:27 am

Detroit's decline has been a slow one over many years, only accelerating when the new century came. No particular person is responsible for the downfall of Detroit, though. It has accumulated over the years, with bad administration at the heart of the. With higher taxes starting in 1962, with more taxes added on throughout the years, people were (and are still being) driven out. Also, city leaders in general promoted legacy costs, which lead to a lot of money being diverted from the general welfare of the city to unnecessary benefits. Finally, Kilpatrick's borrowing to reconstruct pension debt was the straw that broke the camel's back. If only the city's leaders had taken more initiative and spent the money they once had better, Detroit would most likely be a better place today.

Spencer Havern-2
11/14/2013 09:40:40 am

I believe that the problems in Detroit can be traced back to many of the mayors and other people in power. Many of these people had made selfish finical investments so to say, and had not looked at the long term finical consequences. in the later 60's there had been finical problems that had began to snowball and this is what made the finical decay of Detroit.

11/14/2013 09:54:10 am

Detroit first started falling in the 1950's and a large group of people are at fault for it. The three things that impacted Detroit the most were borrowing more and more money, missed opportunities and the downsizing the value of property and amount of workers. One thing that could have been done to lessen the problems of Detroit would be taking opportunities during times of economic growth. Another would be borrowing less money.

Jake K- 2
11/14/2013 11:06:28 am

Detroit began to see financial difficulties during the 1950's when poor financial decisions were made. The riots in the late 60's didn't help the cause at all either. It is not one persons fault but the mayor and his officers. Ever since these events happened its been down hill.

Noah Rich
11/14/2013 11:16:06 am

I believe the troubles for Detroit began around 1950, when politicians in office could not revive Detroit's base taxes. I don't believe any one person is responsible for the downfall of this once great city, although corrupted leaders such as Kwamie Kilpatrick worsened the condition of the city for sure. Furthermore, I think the 3 things the top three things that attributed to the fall was overpopulation, high taxes, and layoffs. In conclusion, I think Detroit could reduce the amount of taxes they instill on citizens, and cut spending to objectives and projects that will help the city in the future. Finally, Detroit is not doing these things because obviously they have enough money to build a new jail which will cause them to break both of the recommended improvements. As of right now Detroit doesn't look like it's going anywhere until they setup themselves up for success in the future.

Mitch Bidus-2
11/14/2013 11:23:20 am

Detroit started to see diffculites coming in around 50 years are when their were poor decisions being made when it came to their economy.
There were many different officials that could be blamed for there decisions that lead them down the bad path but many people keep young accountable. The three things that detriot has done that was not acceptable was borrowing money that they could not pay back, not making jobs, and their high taxes. Two things that could be done to better detroit overall would be to get a new mayor to run the city like it should be and lower taxes to make the people a little bit less angry.

Micah.S 1st Hour
11/14/2013 11:23:48 am

The trouble in detroit began in the 1950's when the officials had troubles dealing with decisions with financing. Then it started to go downhill with multiple mayors such as Gribbs and Kilpatrick who continuously borrowed money and taxed to highly. I think that the three reasons are the high amount if money being borrowed/spent, the extremely high rate of unemployment, and the long list of bad mayors. I think that two ways to make detriot back to it's for mot glory could be to make more job opportunities like car factories or in public work to clean up the city, and to watch more carefully they spend money, and to stick to a strict budget. I also think that maybe this new mayor can contribute to getting the city out of its large debt.

Duane K 2
11/14/2013 11:28:54 am

Difficulties for detroit started in the 1950s. Many of the problems of detroit came from past mayors borrowing more money then they could pay back. Three main problems for detroit are high taxation, lack of jobs, and residents leaving the city. Two things they can do to improve detoit are create more jobs and clean up the city so more people are more likely to come to the city.

11/14/2013 11:32:54 am

In the 1950's Detroit starting to slope downward in debt although it never had to be like this. While Gribbs and Kilpatrick were in office things really started to take a turn when they taxed heavily and borrowed for many uses (mostly personal) and does not appreciate Detroit as a major city. Detroit has the potential to be great and has been lacking a good leader, therefore no one has taken the first step to improve the city.

Dave C 2
11/14/2013 11:38:59 am

The city of Detroit has always been corrupted. We first began to see difficult in the city in the early 1950’s. Ever cents then Detroit seems like it cannot get out of finical dept. You cannot pin point or single out just one person who is responsible for doing this to the city but it was multiple majors. One of the worst being Kwame Kilpatrick putting the city of Detroit on one of the worst debts the city has seen. In my opinion the top three things that contributed for the trouble that the city of Detroit was in is the huge amount of money that has been borrowed over the years. The lost of jobs in the city of the Detroit whether it be from the factories or local businesses know one can make a profit anymore. Some things that could have been prevented from the debt crisis in the city would be all the economical decision whether it be from the simplest thing to the biggest Detroit need to see where the money is going and how it needs to be better spent in the areas that it needs to be. Also to put more jobs back into the city, without jobs in the city how is Detroit suppose to get economically back on its feet again if they keep dragging them. Detroit needs jobs and needs the people inside Detroit to work because when there is no jobs people are not attracted to the area anymore so they will move away to find those jobs. To support their families they need to work and that also give the economy a boost. Detroit will probably always be in debt but there are little things that the city can work on to improve their economic status

Darrin K- 2hr
11/14/2013 11:49:53 am

Back in the 1950's detroit started to see problems in its financial sect. Kilpatrick was a major concern and cause of this problem. There were ample of problems that were caused to have Detroit come to this state. Mayor Dennis Archer added 1,100 more to the workforce but was losing population. Mayors Jerome Cavanagh and Roman Gribbs had cut the workforce. There are plenty of movements or practices that could have stopped Detroit from becoming ruined. Such ideas are that of making a better financial plan of cutting back and fixing up. These ideas could and will save Detroit. Cause of the severe economical disruption is where Detroit is spending its money. There is to much borrowing and not enough earnings. In order to be effective Detroit must cut back on some of its plans of constantly trying to build up the city in every aspect. What Detroit should do is focus on the main concerns and build up the economical flow. Increase population and living standards. Work on public works and include more volunteer work so that it will increase its economical sales and improve the city as a whole. The key is unity.

Tommy S 1
11/14/2013 11:50:57 am

Detroit's problems all started a long time ago, way back in the 50's when the mayors then started messing up. Really all of Detroit's problems are the result of missed opportunities and poor decision making. No one person can be held solely responsible, it was the collective bad of many people the put Detroit in a hole. The top three things that contributed to Detroit's demise are money money money. Isn't that what it all boils down to. If you look at the root of any problem their is money involved and somewhere someone was greedy or made a bad decision and messed it up for everyone else. I don't know that's what I think. Two things that could have been done, well shoot there are tons of things that could have been done. There are what ifs all over the place and to many to choose from. But they are all just what ifs, all I know is they're majorly in trouble now and if they don't do something they're going to fall to the very bottom and have no hope of recovery.

Leah n 2
11/14/2013 12:04:29 pm

Set roots problems started back in the 50's when majors started misusing the money of Detroit and from then in they just went farther and farther in dept. when money got tough less places stopped hiring and started firing people causing riots and destruction of buildings. Detroit has alsways been known for its drugs but the lower the economy dropped the more people did and then they were the only ones who stayed in Detroit when kind folk when south for work. Detroit being left in the ruins with few jobs and people were killing for things like money, drugs and food. Having these problems kilpatrick took over and just kept us more into dept. not one person was responsible for its dept. the over all 3 things were stealing money, losin jobs and the drugs. If Detroit where to have more police and a good major and if they began selling things and getting profit and even turned on the lights of Detroit. Giving people a little hope, them thugs will get better

Sebastian W hr2
11/14/2013 12:49:39 pm

Difficulties for Detroit arose in the 1950s. Many of the difficulties of Detroit came from past mayors borrowing more money then they could return. examples of Detroit's problems are lack of jobs,high taxation and residents leaving the city. Some things they can do to improve the city are create more jobs and clean up the streets and neighborhoods so more citizens are likely to come to the D

Paul P - 5
11/14/2013 01:48:46 pm

The difficulties in Detroit started way back in the 1950s when officials refused to make tough economic and political decisions. If the officials made these decisions Detroit wouldn't be in such a slump. We need to work on getting spending under control and we should only be spending money on things that we need. Also Detroit needs someone to make tough decisions and help better the city's economic status

Maggie T-5
11/14/2013 08:22:22 pm

Detroit began to have difficulties in the 1950s when they borrowed large amounts of money and failed to cut expenses. Officials didn't focus on major city issues and overspend money in places that were not important. The city really needs to work on getting spending under control and actually spending money on things that are important to the city. Detroit needs a Mayor that will make decisions that will help us economically.

Nick B-5
11/14/2013 09:59:47 pm

Detroit went bankrupt because we borrowed money that we could not pay back in my opinion a lot of it had to do with my boy kawame he stole money from his own people. He spent money that was not important . A lot of people are moving out of that town because of all the crime so no one is coming in to help bring money to detroit people like tourists are crossing detroit off there lists because of how much crime. And no mayor yet is to do good for the city. It's all talk but no show.


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